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Perth Street Pastors are on the streets of Perth city centre every Thursday and Saturday from 10:00pm-03:00am, with a break for coffee in the middle, to listen, care and help.


We are easily seen in our reflective lettered jackets and caps. We are part of the regional, national (and now global) Street Pastors movement and have been operating in Perth since 2007.

Our members come from a variety of different churches from different denominations and locations around Perth and Perthshire.


The training given to all Street Pastors improves our confidence in talking about our own faith and how it fits into each day. This makes us more useful and confident members of our congregations.

Street Pastors go out on the streets of the community to listen, to care, and to offer help where we can, with the core role of any Street Pastor being to provide a listening ear to any individual we meet who wishes to share about what’s going on in their life.  

On a practical front we carry flip flops, space blankets, spikies, lollipops, bottles of water and first aid materials, and we gladly forward individuals on to other organisations that are able to provide relevant specialist help.


The training is thorough, and your safety is our first concern. We have not met any dangerous situations.

School Pastors have a similar role – listening, caring and helping during the Friday lunch break at Perth Grammar School, and we plan to introduce day pastors and rail pastors in the future.


If you would like to become a Street Pastor, a 12 session training course is run annually. Commitment once trained is one night (9.30pm - 3.00am) per month.


If you would like to support, then prayer partners are always required.

Please contact us or come along to our base in the Upper Room at 9.40pm on Saturday evenings. Stay until the break at 12.30am or 3.00am. You will be made very welcome; this work is equally important and appreciated.


See website for more information


Or contact through the church office

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